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Saluki Tri-Fitness Challenge (Individual) - $10.00

The Saluki Tri-Fitness Challenge consists of swimming 2 miles, running 26 miles, and biking 112 miles. You have three weeks to complete the challenge and you can compete as an individual or as a team. FAQs When is the Indoor Ironman? Monday, February 4 - Friday, March 1, 2019 Can I sign up after February 4? Yes, however you will have fewer days to complete the challenge How many people do I need for a team? Three people per team - $10 per person Team members can divide the events any way they would like to as long as all events are completed. All three events have to be completed to be considered a Team Finisher Can I sign up for both team and Individual? Yes, however you will have to complete double the distance for one event Example: Run – 52 miles, or Bike 224 miles, or Swim 4 miles You will have to pay $20 - $10 for the individual and $10 for the team How do I track my miles? Track your own miles and log them in at the Personal Fitness and Wellness Studio It is based on the honor system – Don’t cheat yourself! Individual – Log by last name Team – Log by team name How much do I have to swim? Short Course: 132 Lengths or 66 Laps Long Course : 66 Lengths or 33 Laps Can I complete the events in any order? Yes, you can swim and bike a few miles one day and run the next if you’d like!

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Saluki Tri-Fitness Challenge (Individual)
Spring 2019

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